Mermaid Mondays!

mermaid mondaysMermaid Mondays! So I’ll tell you a little bit about the “Mermaid Moon”

The mermaid moon apeears every 3 years. And if you want to “become” a mermaid then you have to wet your hands while looking at it. Last time it appeared as 2012 so in 2015 the next one will come. And it will be waving to you. You only become a mermaid  if the mermaid looking one in the moon waves to you. It may take about: 3-7 months to get a tail though. It depends and here are the tails you could get.

Ages: 1-4 a blue tail.

Ages: 4-7 a purple tail.

Ages: 7-9 a pink tail.

Ages: 9-12 an orange tail.

Ages: 12-15 a green tail.

Ages: 15 or higher a red tail.

I think ages 4-7 get the prettiest tail. “OR” you could be born a mermaid also!

Mermaids also get powers like: Heat, Freeze, Wind and Water. Alright want a tongue twister? Nope, sorry wait till tomorrow on… Tongue Twister Tuesday!

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