My story. Book 1 ~Chapter 1~ ~Jobs, Talents, and Secrets…

Speedy SlimeThis is my little story.

~Chapter 1~

Jobs, Talents, and Secrets…

Everyone has secrets…Everyone has talents…Some people have jobs…Me and my friend -Lena- are looking for our talent. Our friend -Kailey- has a talent a very nice one…She is a great gymnast! But I also have a secret…and a hidden talent…I’m sure I will find a job that I could do also. My older brother -Jack- is in the circus, he trains elephants, rides balls, and a lot more cool stuff! Sometimes I get to hang out with him, but not all the time… “Colette! Come on!” My friend Lena said. “Coming!” As I was running down the stairs I saw my dad at the door. “Dad!” I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. He has been all around the world so mom and I never really get to see him. “Hi, sweetie!” He gave me a big hug and so did mom. “Well, Kala how’s Jack doing in the circus?” Kala’s my mom; I never call her Kala though. “Oh, Jack is doing amazing! Isn’t that right Colette?” Mom said. “Yeah he’s doing great, Dad! Too bad you can’t see him.” “Yeah, but at least I can see you and your mom.” Dad said with a smile. “Yeah…” I said. “OK, you saw your dad now let’s go to school Colette hurry up!” Lena said. “Yeah sure, see you later mom, and you too dad.” I smiled. “OK see you later sweet heart!” Mom said. “Yeah see you later! So Kala how’s the house, is it nice?” Dad asked. “Oh you! All you got see is the hall way isn’t that good enough?!” Mom laughed. “OK come on darling. I’ll show you the house.” “Yay! The kitchen had better be clean also!” Dad yelled. “Yes, yes everything is clean. It was nice how you could stop by. I thought you would have gotten over that cleaning obsession by now. It’s been 4 years, Colette missed you so much.” Mom said. “Yeah, I missed her too…” At school… “I can’t believe your dad actually visited hasn’t it been like 4 years or something?” Lena asked. “Yeah, but I’m glad he’s here now.” I told her. “Yeah I would be glad if I were you. Hey! Let’s go watch Kailey do gymnastics in the gym!” Lena suggested. “Sure, let’s go!” I yelled. Lena was running so fast I could hardly see her. “Hey, wait up! Lena! Come on, wait for me!” I yelled as I ran over to her. “Oh, sorry Colette! By the way…I know how your dad finally came but, I want you too see something really cool with me at my house, if you don’t want to come you don’t have too!” Lena said. “…I don’t know, maybe my dad could come too?” I asked. “Sure, I guess.” Lena said. “I’ll ask him after school! For now…Let’s find Kailey!” I said. “Oh right! Yeah let’s go!” We were running and running to the gym until I got hit with a volley ball… “Ow! What was that?” I wondered. “Colette! Are you okay?!” Lena asked while running to me. “Yeah I don’t know what happened…But it hurt.” I said. “Hmm…Kailey’s not here.” Lena said. “Oh, let’s ask Jim. Hey Jim!” I yelled. “Huh? What is it Colette?” Jim asked. Since he has a crush on me, of course he would tell me where Kailey is. “Have you seen-” “Kailey!” Lena interrupted. “Yeah, have you seen Kailey?” I asked Jim. “Uh-no if I did then I would definitely tell you!” Jim said. “I figured. Anyway continue with your game. Let’s go Lena. Lena?!” She’s gone! “Lena!” I saw her running down the halls. “Kailey wait up!” Lena yelled. “Huh?” She turned around and saw Lena. “Hi, Kailey.” “Le-na…Kai-ley so…Tired from-running…” I was trying to catch my breath. “Oh you were there? Sorry, for leaving you behind Colette, but when I said Kailey! I saw Kailey.” Lena said. “So what do you guys want?” Kailey asked. “Well we wanted to watch you do your gymnastics.” Lena said. “Oh, well sorry I got to see Jake he’s my boyfriend! See you!” Kailey said running out the door. “Wait when did Kailey have a boyfriend?” Lena asked. “Dunno.” I said to her. “Did you say Kailey’s boyfriend?” One of the mean girls asked. “Yes why?” I asked. “She broke up with her old one about a week ago they had some fight or something. I heard like every word!” The mean girl said. “You were es dropping on them?!” Lena yelled. “Well not really, I needed something good for the news paper of the school because my friend Lila does the paper and I listen to what people say for her. By the way I heard Abby saying that Jake may secretly be a girl in secret…” The mean girl said. “Umm, don’t put that in the news paper.” Kailey said. “Well she saw him/her picking flowers…” The mean girl said. “What? Are you putting my words in the news paper?! About the Jake thingy that was our little secret Cindy!” Abby yelled. “Ack Abby! What are you doing here?!” Cindy asked. “I heard you talking about the Jake girl thing so I came over! Secret teller! By the way I would have known anyway from the school news paper when I read it.” Abby said. “Umm anyway I gotta go and find…Umm…Lila! Yeah okay bye!” Cindy said. She was running away from us she wasn’t actually finding Lila she was just trying to get out of the school alive. “Hmfh I can’t believe that girl telling secrets like that!” Abby said. “It’s okay Abby…Tell the teacher to not allow that okay?” Kailey said. “Allow what?” Abby asked. “Well, not to allow that in the school news paper.” Kailey told her. “Or…You could tell Lila not to put it in. And she would listen because you two are friends right? Tell her to do something about Cindy I’ll find out some news and tell you then you’ll tell Lila okay?” Lena said. “Great idea! I hope she’ll do it!” Abby said.

 Chapter 2 soon still writing it 😀

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