Our Mermaid Life: Day 1 part 2

Mermaid MoonLater…”Sofia tommrow is the Mermaid Moon!” “Lynn she doesn’t care cause it’s not real.” “Jacob! Stop listening to us!” “Lynn…remember I am pretending…” “Right…” “Yeah Jacob stop not like I believe her though.” “Hmfh whatever.” “Jacob come play!” “Josh what do you want?” “Go play with your little brother! I can’t believe you!” “Fine what do you want to play?” “With my turtles.” “Fine!” “Ok Sofia lets do our homework.” “Ok…The cave was strange…” The next day… “Sofia the mermaid moon is today!” “Right!” “Ok I am going to play mermaids with my dolls.” “Ok see you later!” Later… “Ok so the moon should be out soon.” “I’s only 6:00.” “So it should be out…” “Lynn Sofia it’s just something on the intrenet that was fake. Don’t believe it.” “Julie you have to believe in it! Or you won’t see it.” “Ugh.” At 8:45. “Sofia the moon! The mermaid moon it’s out!” “WHAT?!” “I knew it was real right Sofia?” “Yeah I guess.” “Remember get wet well looking at the moon.” “Right.” “Woah it is like waving good luck…” “Yeah it is cool.” “Aaaah!” “Sof-Aaaah!” “Ugh well I got to get to sleep.” “Ok me too.”


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