Our Mermaid Life Day 1 *The Cave.*

Purple CaveOkay it just started off as a normal day. And then…something changed our lives forever…”Sofia want to go swimming?” “Sure!” “Ok mom we are ready.” We were just girls… “Hey Sofia come here!” “Ok!” “What’s that hole?” “Oh that is for some light thingy.” “I don’t think so. Let me try something!” “Woah!” “Lynn!” “I’m fine come down!” “O…okay!” “A cave?” “Wow it’s so pretty!” “Lynn look a waterfall!” “Wow it’s nice in a purple cave too!” “Lets go in it!” “Ok!” “Aaaah!” “Sofia! Aaaah!” “Ugh Lynn where are you?” “Huh Sofia I hear you I just don’t see you!” “Me too!” “I am with the waterfall!” “No I am!” “The waterfall…stopped.” “There you are!” “Are you okay?” “Yeah mom will be worried lets-!” “Huh what?” “I saw when I woke up the waterfall was flashing in colors!” “Colors. Lynn what colors?!” “Umm Light blue, Dark Blue, Red and White.” “Hmm weird. Oh well like you said mom is worried lets get out of here!” “Ok!” “Lynn Sofia! Are you guys okay? I didn’t see you!” “Yeah we are fine we were just in a-!” “A pool underwater! And breathing somehow…” “Okay well lets dry off and get inside.” “Okay.” Later. Our hands are almost ready…Sofia come here!” “Ugh what?” “Look at the mermaid moon!” “What it is not real I told you!” “No it comes every three years! And in five days it’s here!” “What time?” “When the moon is out! You must get wet while looking at it.” “Ok fine! I just won’t believe around other people.” “Fine!”


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