Dadamea Cards.

Dada CardThis is a Dada card. Attack: 10 Powers: Fire and Wind. Rivals: Mei, Ivy, Nena and Malkin. Info: Likes Marin. And his best friends are: Samantha, Dadamea, Marin, Kate, Josh, Jake. HP: 35.

Dadamea CardDadamea card. Attack: 7

Powers: Light, Water and Wind. Rivals: Mei, Ivy, Nena and Malkin. HP: 30Dadamea Card Mei

Mei card. Attack: 40! Powers: Wind, Dark, Fire and Water. Info: Bad guy in (Dadamea) Rivals: Dadamea, Dada, Marin, Samantha, Reid, Kate and Lakiru. H[: 200!!!!!!

Ivy CardIvy card. Attack: 15. Powers: Dark and Fire.

Info: Works for Mei. Rivals: Dadamea, Sam, Lakiru, Dada, Reid and Kate. HP: 40

Kate CardKate Crad. Attack: 15. Powers: Poison , Water and Fire. Rivals: mei, Ivy, Malkin and Lakiru. HP: 50.

Malkin CardMalkin card. Attack: 10.

Powers: Earth and Wind. Info: A fariy who works for Mei. Rivals: Marin, Reid, Dada, Dadamea, Kate, Sam, Lakiru. HP: 40

mARIN cARDMarin card. Attack: 15.

Powers: Wind, Ice and Water.

Rivals: Mei, Nena. Info: ??????????. HP: 80.

Nena CardNena card. Attack: 18

Powers: Unknown. Rivals: Everyone and herself…. HP: 170.

Reid CardReid card. Attack: 13.

Powers: Unknown. Info: Unknown. Rivals: __________ HP: 50

Samantha CardSamantha card. Attack: 10. Powers: Water and Wind. Rivals: Ivy, Malkin and Mei. Info: Dadamea’s Friend. HP:30.

Hope you like it comment what card is your favorite 🙂

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