25 Toys.

These are my favorite toys least favorite to favorite. Go from 25 to 1.

25: Monster high.

24: Furby

23: Winx club

22: Fijit friends

21: Lego friends

20: Disney Princess

19: Mega blocks

18: FurReal friends

17: My little pony

16: Bratz

15: Barbie

14: Strawberry shortcake

13: Littlest pet shop.

12: Cabbage Patch Kids

11: Polly pocket

10: Teacup piggies

9: Calico Critters

8: La dee da

7: Zoobles

6: Squinkies

5: Liv dolls

4: Moxie Girls

3: Lalaloopsy

2: Novi Stars

1: Hippo travel buddy. and Scottie Bear.

Extra’s that could not fit.

1d dolls

Journey girls

Hello Kitty

Zhu zhu pets


I got a Skylander! Bouncer a robot. I also went to sewing class and I’m working on a doll holder. To hold my dolls.

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