Whatever comes to my head.

Flying pigs, Talking toys,  Joining pants clubs, Eating calenders, Elephant heads on trees, Fake noses, Windows with skin, Knocking on a door, Hearts, Rain, Cookies, Dots, Ring pops, Pigs, Water, Speakers, Dishes, Trucks, Bald heads, MRI’s, Furby, Tooth paste, Computers, Headphones, Phones, Reindeer,Ducks, Stikers, Christmas, Toys, Heater, Fans, Games, Movies, Papers, Noses, Words, Purses, Pens, Flashlights, Dogs, Jeans, Posts, Cups, Hippos, Numbers, Letters, Perfume, Vista, Bars, Math, Skylanders, Mario, Clothes pins, Sewing, Rain coats, Piggy banks.


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