Top 5 Things

Favorite 5 Animals: Hippo’s, Seals, Dolphin’s, Turtles, Elephants.

Favorite 5 Songs: WMYB, Call Me Maybe, One Thing, Raise Your Glass,Stronger

Favorite 5 Singers: 1D, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry.

Favorite 5 Books: Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody, Summer Camp Secrets, Zelda, Baby sitters club.

Favorite 5 Foods: Pumpkin Pie, Skinny Bread, Toast, Tandoori Chicken, Waffle.

Least 5 Animals: Bats, Mice, Dinosaurs, Rats, Road Kill.

Least 5 Songs: Baby, Never say Never, 18, Mr. nice guy, Schools out.

Least 5 Singers: Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Alice Cooper, Bruno Mars.

Least 5 Books: Enter Book Title Here.

Least 5 Foods: Chicken Noddles, Triangle Chicken, Broccoli, Ravioli, Garlic Bread.

WMYB is for What Makes You Beautiful. One Direction. ♥

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