Novi Stars

These are Novi Stars. There is Mae Tallick. Like Matallick. She can talk like a robot because she is a robot. There is also Alie Lectric. She lights up in 3 colors. Green, Yellow, and Red. Alie Lectric. Is like Electric. Or a Lectric. Una Verse. She glitters. I’m not sure what Una Verse is for if you know comment. There’s also Ari Roma. She smells yummy. And she stands for Aroma. And Nita Light is more money she comes with an energy pod a magazine a drink. She has no pet. And you can see right in her. She is like Night Light. All Novi Stars come from planet Novi and they are Aliens. They have real human eyelashes. With glitter on them. All of them have pets except Nita Light.



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