Liam and Niall One Direction Facts.

 One Direction.

Niall Facts: Niall’s favorite color is Green. His middle name is James. His last name is Horan. Born 13th of Sectember 1993. 1 Brother called Greg he’s 22. Parent’s are Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher. They are divorced. Single. Pets. A cat called Jess. Hobbies Playing Guitar,Football,Eating. Special Skill Playing guitar.Favourite Food Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Nandos.

Liam Facts: Has a fear of spoons. His last name is Payne and his middle name is James. Nicknamed ‘Daddy Directioner’ Favorite color is purple. He only has 1 kidney. He now loves surfing. His birthday is August 29. He doesn’t drink. 1993. He had two pet turtles but they died :(. “I will have Zayn Louis and Harry facts later enjoy these for now. :)”

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