How To Take Care Of Hippos.

This is how to take care of a Hippo.

Step 1: First make sure you like that Hippo.

Step 2: Feed him/her more then once a day.

Step 3: Let him/her in water everyday.

Step 4: Give him/her Fruit and Grass.

Step 5: Wash him/her in water no bubbles.

Step 6: Don’t give your hippo it’s milk.

Step 7: Give him/her white milk and water.

Step 8: Make sure he’s/she’s not sick or hurt.

Step 9: After your hippo is in mud wash him/her well.

Step 10: Follow these steps and your hippo will be just fine.

Step 11: Make sure your hippo has water to play in and to keep cool.

Fact: Did you know Hippo Milk is Pink?


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